A Growing Community

Hand in Hand growing together towards what Christ wants from us. A community effort in growing towards him.

A Relevant Message

A bible-based message painted with a modern brush. We insist on proving the message of Christ is still relevant in the high schools, universities, and workplace.

Consistent Inspiration

Our biweekly Stone House Services, the weekly blogs, or the regular social media updates all focus on bringing you a regular and steady flow of spiritual motivation.

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Hits From The Blog

Letting Go of Me and Holding On to You

Lately I’ve been struggling with comfort zones. I’ve been trying to avoid anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. I realized that I was going through life the opposite way I should be. I wasn’t being the outgoing person that God wants me to be. While scrolling through Pinterest I found a quote that really made […]

Worship, Strife, and Testing

So I just got back from my honeymoon, a time of traveling, excitement, and joy that was shared with my husband. As much time as we focused on each other, we still found our conversations laced with themes of faith and practice and even got to pray occasionally; but I’ll admit that we didn’t get […]